Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cutting it up at the Super Show!

Hi again! This is yet another of my posts about the CHA Craft Super Show! I still have so much to share, but I am winding down, I think! Two of my favorite things at the show both involved cutting! One of my favorite booths was the Westcott scissors booth. The folks there were so much fun to hang out with. It was still early in the show when I visited, and I was trying to take a booth photo of each place I made a make-n-take so I would remember where it was from. One of the girls in the Westcott booth offered to take my picture with the booth in the background. I'm holding the card I made for their make-n-take. It's not the most flattering photo of me, but it was a nice memory of the day! :)
The make-n-take involved quite a bit of cutting so I got try several different types of Westcott scissors as well as their rotary and slide cutters. They are really nice. In fact I kind of want to add their rotary cutter (with decorative blades - so cute!) to my stamping wish list! The Westcott folks are also super generous! They were handing out free scissors - the tiny ones above - to everybody who walked by. And while I was there they decided to give the handful of us in the booth free full-sized pairs of scissors, too! I think I'll save these for something special. :)
I had a chance on Friday to go to a free event hosted by the Fiskateers, who would best be described as cheerleaders for the Fiskars company. They hosted the "Fiskalympics" to share more about Fiskars products, the Fiskateers forum and events and just to have fun. Each table of people was assigned a country, and I was at Borderpunchzania. At each table were these awesome bumper stickers and some cute litte scissor shaped pins. Each country competed in five games involving Fiskars tools - contests to cut the best freehand circles using Fiskars cutters, tearing the most strips of paper with the tearing ruler, and my personal favorite, seeing how many punches you can make with a squeeze punch in one minute. Me and the other puncher at my table were in a tie with another table for third in the punching contest, so we had a punch-off. I was elected to do the punching for my table. There was just one catch - we had to squeeze the punch with our thighs! I am both proud and slightly embarrassed to admit I won the punch-off. I managed to punch 7 stars with my thighs. LOL! Our table didn't win the Fiskalympics, but all of us got to take home the Fiskars tools we used for the games we competed in. So I took home a cutting mat and cutter, a tearing ruler and the star squeeze punch!


peggysue said...

Oh my Michelle, I didn't know you got to go to CHA and you were a Fiskateer? How fun is that! Cute picture, thanks for sharing!

naturecoastcrafter said...

So funny, Michelle, and I'm glad they gave you the Fiskars punch you used with your thighs. I mean, really,they couldn't sell it now could they! You are so much fun and daring, too.

http://angeladaniels.squarespace.com/ said...


Be proud- you are a Fisk-a-lympian!!! Have you officially signed up to be a Fiskateer? Email me and I'll get you in =).

Angela Daniels
Lead Fiskateer