Monday, August 4, 2008

Silly kitty

I snapped these photos of Eliot the other day, and figured since I haven't stamped much to share lately, I may as well share some silly kitty pictures here! I think I have discovered why my plants aren't doing very well! I'm not sure what Eliot was looking at, but she was sitting in the planter, between the impatient plant and another flower that is about dead. For some reason, she reminded me of those elephants at the circus that sit on those tiny barrels.
And the rear view! She is as big as the pot she's sitting on! She always finds ways to amuse me!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh how sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! I just love furbabies!!!!

Joan said...

Very cute pics! They can be soooooo entertaining. Joan

~ j said...

Oh my what a goofy cat! I wonder if there is a mouse in the cinderblock there. I used to have a white cat that loved to roll in the garden just after I tilled it.

naturecoastcrafter said...

So funny, I had trouble finding her head! What a hoot, Michelle. Perhaps she is looking for an earthquake shelter!