Monday, May 7, 2007

The last of Stamp Mania

So I'm finally uploading the last of the photos of things from SoCal StampMania. Since it was my first-ever stamp event, I wasn't quite brave enough to do the optional swap - 30 cards seemed like way too many! But I did make a few extras of my shoebox swap project to trade with my carpool friends and with others I met at the event. These are the cards and projects I received in trade. There are some really fabulous stampers in SoCal! I think next year I may attempt to actually make some swap cards for SCSM and see what else I might be able to trade for.
This is my favorite of all the swaps. Kim, or MamaKim on SCS, made these for her shoebox swap. Since we carpooled together, we swapped and I got one of these! Aren't they adorable? And what a clever idea. They were one of the most popular projects at the swap, and it's no wonder. We met up at a Rite Aid parking lot and swapped before we headed out. I left my swaps in the trunk of my car so I wouldn't have to worry about hauling them around or worrying about them all day. But it was so warm that day, the bath salts sort of melted together! You can't really tell in the photo, but they are all stuck to the back side of the bottle!

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Very cute! Love it!