Sunday, March 25, 2007

A confession

I'm ashamed to admit it, but this is the first card I ever watercolored. And I just did it a couple of days ago. I know it's all the rage in stamping, and not doing it definitely sets me apart in the stamping world these days, but I just haven't! A couple of reasons, I guess. One, the supplies are expensive! Even though I've been stamping almost 10 years, I'm still buying ink pads, markers and reinkers. If I have to start buying watercolor pencils or crayons, too, I'll never have enough money for stamps. And that's all I really want anyway! Plus, it seems like a lot of work to learn to watercolor and perfect the technique, and I don't really have anyone to teach me. That's the downside of living so far from my stamping buddies and my demo (my sister, and before her, a friend from college.) Then I heard that some people watercolor with reinkers, or with marker ink scribbled on CD. So I used a coupon for Michael's to buy an aquapainter and decided to try it. I have some watercolor paper from a stint when I thought I could paint. (I can't.) Overall, I'm happy with how this turned out. But I definitely need practice. And I'm having a hard time thinning the color without it getting too wet. So I guess I will keep trying it with the supplies I have on hand. Heaven knows I don't need any more - I barely have room to store what I do have!

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Kalyber said...

It's lovely and you don't need a lot of expensive supplies do to watercoloring. I started with a $1 kids kit I had a better brush of course but if you want to practice do it on the cheap before you sink your precious stamp funds into something you don't enjoy.