Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I found what could only be described as ribbon mecca over the weekend. There's a place in Long Beach, Calif., called Fabric Barn, but really it should be called Ribbon Barn. I had heard about for ages, but never managed to get there. Then this weekend I realized it was not that far from the stamp convention I would be attending. And it's not that far from my house! I couldn't believe the deals when I got there. Grosgrain and satin ribbon was five yards for $1 for 5/8-inch and eight yards for $1 for 1/4 inch ribbon. The spools of organdy ribbon in the picture above are 25 yards each and I got them for $1 each! The only exception was the white organdy with the black paw prints - it was $4 for 25 yards, but totally worth it because it is so cute! I will definitely go back for more ribbon soon. Oh, and the white in that mass is white twill - I thought it would be a fun change from the natural twill.
Also, for my few loyal readers out there, I will be giving away some of this ribbon and some other goodies in a blog candy giveaway in a few days, just as soon as my counter finally turns 10,000! Please keep checking back for the announcement!


Rene S said...

Oooo, what a find! I'm so jealous! Love ribbon too!

Stampin Cats said...

That is a great find. Another great place to find ribbon is I got 50 yrds of 5/8 grossgrain for $4.75. It is some really awesome ribbon. The organdy is even cheaper.