Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A walk in the woods

One really fun thing I did on my vacation was visit Silver Falls State Park. I met one of my best friends and her two kids, J and A (I am their honorary auntie, and I love it!). They travelled about two hours to come see me while I was "home." I've been going to Silver Falls since I was a kid -- it was always a great place for picnics and family reunions. But this was my first visit in several years, and my first major hike around the park. We made a six-mile loop and saw 8 waterfalls, I think. It was a gorgeous spring day, and all the wildflowers were blooming! The above falls were my favorite - I love the way the trees framed the photo shot.

This is me with A. Her middle name is Michelle, after me. She got a little tired of the hiking about 4 miles in, but she perservered, partly because she was really excited about the picnic afterward. She and her brother ate sandwiches and cookies while their mom and I drank wine and ate cheese, crackers, and fruit! Yummy!
This is me with J. He is almost 11 and races motocross for fun. Next fall, he's playing football! I can't believe how fast he's grown up; I remember the day he was born! He did really well on the hike, as long as he was in the front!

This is South Falls. It is the most famous of the falls because it is closest to most of the picnic areas and easiest to reach. I think the drop is about 120 feet. We actually started our hike here -- including the path behind the falls' midpoint. It is a really cool vantage point, and the icy spray feels good when the sun is out. I'm not in the best of shape, but I managed to hold my own on the hike and it was worth it. Next time, maybe we'll make the extra three miles and see all 10 waterfalls.

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