Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting better

I love this card. It's not fancy. It's actually pretty simple. But I think it represents growth in my stamping. The layout, use of layers, the good bow (I'm bow-tying challenged!) the use of blender pens and ink to color the image, the background. It all ties together for me in this card. One way I've started working on my stamping is to keep a little journal of ideas - some of them are color combos, some are stamp set/color combos, some are pictures I've saved for inspiration. This helps me in two ways: One, it allows me to save ideas for when I really have time to explore them, and I don't forget a good idea if I don't have time to stamp it right away. Two: it gives me a source of inspiration for when I want to stamp but don't have a specific idea in mind. Plus, I'm a listmaker. I like to write things down as a way to stay organized and accomplish everything I need to! The colors and stamp set for this card were in my book - I wrote them down, then a week later, found them and remembered the card I had envisioned. Maybe tomorrow I'll share some of my inspiration pieces!

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Allison said...

Love this...I may just have to get this stamp set!